My friend Dawn and I both share a love of road trips, photography, and Canada.

So, what better than to drive all the way across Canada from Niagra to I dunnno, what's about as far West as we can drive/ferry to .. Nanaimo.. never hear of it .. ok let's go.. then we can drive back across the US ...


Day 1 - Longmeadow, MA to Sudbury, ON

Day 2 - Sudbury, ON to Thunder Bay, ON

Day 3 - Thunder Bay, ON to Brandon, MB

Day 4 - Brandon, MB to Medicine Hat, AB

Day 5 - Medicine Hat, AB to Kamloops, BC

Day 6 - Kamloops, BC to Vancouver, BC

Day 7 - Vancouver, BC to Nanaimo, BC

Day 8 - Nanaimo, BC to Seattle, WA

Day 9 - Seattle, WA to Helena, MT

Day 10 - Helena, MT to Jamestown, ND

Day 11 - Jamestown, ND to Elgin, IL

Day 12 - Elgin, IL to Longmeadow, MA